Using a Spy Cam

If you want to catch a cheateryou will need surveillance. You can’t be there 24/7 watching your spouse, if you have serious doubts a spy cam could be the solution for you. Imagine having a view on what’s going on in your home while you away, this could really help you gather some proof. If your spouse is having an affair, catch him or her on tape, that’s the kind of proof cheater can’t deny

Whatever the situation for small spy camcorders may possibly properly be, there is one that will complete your wishes without having to spend to much.

Battery operated spy cam can be placed in strategic places around the house to catch the cheating spouse.

Spy camera – buyers guide

  1. How do you want to watch the video? Whether you want to be able to monitor the action from a live feed or record a video file to watch later the two options are available to you in some models. Keep in mind that you will need a wireless internet connection to be able to watch the live feed.
  2. Battery operated. This is crucial, you don’t want any wires going in or out of the spy cam.
  3. Storage capacity, how long do you need to record. Depending on the quality of the video recorded (resolution),  file size will vary. Check out the manufacturers specs and buy the appropriate memory card size.
  4. Motion activated: this is a great feature. The camera starts to record only when it detects movement. This is also beneficial if you do not wish to watch hours of tedious video to see what has happened throughout the day.
  5. Low light sensitivity or night vision. If you spouse is having an affair and the spy cam is hidden in the bedroom most of the video will be shot with little or no light. You need this feature on your camera.

The free solution

Turn you laptop’s web cam into a spy cam. It’s simple and it’s free! The only thing you will need is software and there are some free solutions like Vitamin D and others.

Check out this guide. It gives you a lot of information on how to set this up yourself.

The Law

Before you go any further, be aware of the regulations regarding use of audio and video equipment for surveillance in your area. On top of that, if you have recorded a video illegally you won’t be able to produce this as proof in court.

Good luck on catching that cheating spouse!

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