The Top 5 Signs Of Cheating

So you suspect your spouse of cheating, you have a “gut feeling”, but you are not really sure. Could it be that you are simply being paranoid? Or are your suspicions well-founded?

Try to leave your emotions out of the equation for now and look at things logically. Cast your mind back to the last few days and weeks and think about what you have seen and heard. It’s also highly likely that there were obvious signs right in front of your face but you didn’t realize it at the time.

What are the top five signs of cheating? Actually, there are hundreds of different signs, some more conclusive than others, but there are give broad types of cheating signs that you need to know about. Read carefully, compare to your present situation and then think bear them in mind over the next few years so that you’ll spot them as your partner is committing them. Remember, it is extremely difficult to hide infidelity. The signs are there – you just need to know how to identify them.

Deception & Lying

One of the key signs of cheating is when your partner is lying to you or deceiving you (not presenting or avoid the whole truth). If you think about a marriage or relationship, there are very few things that people are willing to lie about.

Sure, there are white lies such as keeping quiet about a surprise weekend trip, for example. But most lies and the biggest lies are about infidelity and pretending that everything is swell when one is secretly having an affair. The nature of an affair is such that a cheater may feel sucked into the life of deceit very quickly with no easy way out, getting deeper and deeper into the lie with every week that passes.

The easiest way to spot lying is to observe body language and behavior. A liar will try to avoid making eye contact with you (or will force too much eye contact instead). Also, the typical cheater does not prepare cover stories in advance very well. This means that when they are forced to create one on the spot, their eyes will divert, usually to the right. If they really were speaking from memory and not creatively lying then their eyes would go up and to the left. These are just a couple of examples from the many signs of deceit that you can look out for in future.

Personality Changes

Cheaters are very prone to mood swings and other personality changes. They are essentially living a lie with you, a life that comes second best to their affair right now. The other woman/man will often be on their mind and they may appear distant when thinking about them. Sometimes, a cheater can even be mis-read as being depressed when the reality is much different.

Cheaters often lash out. Sometimes this is an intentional ploy to pin some blame on you for the failing marriage/relationship, sometimes it is done without consciously realizing it. Cheaters can often also do this simply because they feel the walls of deceit closing in around them. For example, their partner may be pressurizing them to tell you they are leaving and want to break up/get a divorce. The pressures and stresses of the situation provoke this behavior.

Behavioral Changes

Often, a cheating partner will accidentally let slip some new changes in their life. Sometimes, though, it is done intentionally as a way of dropping “hints” as mentioned earlier.

For example, they may suddenly start listening to new genres of music. This is quite overt and most cheaters try to hide such new musical tastes.

Sometimes they cannot prevent these behavioral changes from showing. For example, they may have new moves in bed that they had forgotten you had never seen before. Or they may have a new technique of kissing, something that is quite difficult to suppress because kissing is such an instinctive, intimate art.

Biological Traces

Thanks to programs like “CSI”, most of us now know that it is extremely difficult to hide biological traces of our activity.

For example, a man who suspects his wife of cheating can acquire a black light and semen testing kit. If he is no longer having sex with his wife but finds traces of semen in her underwear then this is conclusive proof that she is cheating.

There are also other biological traces to look for. Are there strange, unknown hairs in your partner’s car or on their jacket or pullover? Do they smell different, in a way that they have never done before?

Electronic Audit Trails

By far the most damning of all signs are electronic ones. These days, cheaters frequently use electronic media to help commit and organize affairs, believing that they will never be found out.

In fact, electronic communications nearly always leave behind evidence. Whether a cheater is using email, Facebook messaging or regular cell phones, logs and other electronic evidence is a natural consequence. A cheater may delete all traces of his or her activity but this in itself is reason to be suspicious.

If you suspect that your partner is using these methods to cheat, you can install surveillance and audit software to find out for sure. The evidence is usually bulletproof. However, you should check first to see if it is legal or not to install such software. Furthermore, such evidence may be good enough to force a confession from your partner but may not be admissible in court.

The above is the mere tip of the iceberg in terms of evidence gathering of an affair. The signs are all around and you need only know how to spot it and how to effectively record it. Follow up your gut feeling and confirm it. Once you have done this, you will have the upper hand and be able to get the outcome you want, be it reconciliation or a break-up/divorce.

Don’t simply collect enough evidence for you to be 90% sure. If you have any doubt whatsoever, even a small amount, the cheater will exploit it and accuse you of being paranoid and make you feel as if you are the one who has acted improperly. Instead, get as much evidence as you need and only then should you proceed to confront your partner.


Whatever outcome you demand, be resolute with your terms and do not allow your partner to bend the rules. One of the reasons that you’ve been cheated on so far is because you have been easy to manipulate. Show your partner that this will never be the case ever again.

Chris Baker

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