The Spouse Trap

If you’re reading this, you want to know how to set a cheating trap and how to catch a cheater.

Trap Preparation

Preparation and planning are crucial in setting a trap to catch a cheater. First, remain calm. It is difficult to make plans and execute them flawlessly when you are in emotional upheaval.

Then, simply ask your spouse if there is something in your relationship he or she would like to see improved. Though unorthodox, you just may get a confession by asking for one. More surprising means have been used in learning how to catch a cheater.

Even if you don’t get a confession, don’t despair. The information you do get will lead you in the direction you need to go in setting your trap. Did your spouse indicate that he would like you to work out more? Did she perhaps mention that you never take her to the newly released movies? The movie theater and the gym are two potential places your spouse may be visiting with their new love interest. These will be places you will want to visit to scope out and this is how to catch a cheater.

Next, think about when and where the affair is likely taking place. Do you or your spouse travel a lot? Many times, cheating occurs either when one partner is out of town on business. Sometimes the person they want to have an affair with is at work with them every day.

Setting the Trap

Once you feel you have a handle on where and when the cheating is taking place, you can start to build your trap. The first line of defense means looking close to home and equipping your home to catch a cheater:

  1. Purchase cameras and recorders and place them in your spouse’s car and in any place around the house where your partner spends a lot of time. This is where conversations with the person they want to have an affair with will occur.
  2. Consider enlisting the help of the neighborhood busybody in your efforts. Every neighborhood has the stay at home mom or older, retired neighbor who knows all the comings and goings in the area. If this person is someone you can trust (meaning they will not be the person your partner would choose to have an affair), subtly mention that you think someone may be planning to break into your home and you’re concerned. This puts busybodies on alert and they will likely be more than willing to keep an eye on your home for you. If they see your spouse coming and going with other people, they’ll tell you that, too.
  3. Change your routine. Tell your spouse or partner that you are working late and then go home earlier than your stated time. If he or she is seeing someone in your home, you will be able to catch this happening.
  4. Obtain the codes to access your spouse or partners’ email, social media and cell Woman on computerphone accounts. 90% of cheating will be done through these means and if you can find documentable proof here, you may not need to look any further.
  5. Show up at their workplace at an unexpected time, and tell him or her that you’ve come to have lunch with them. Pay particular attention to their reaction and whether or not any coworker of the opposite sex protests or offers excuses as to why your partner can’t go. This person may be either the person who is their lover or someone who is helping them cover up their affair.

Doing the Legwork

Next, knowing how to catch a cheater is in doing surveillance of the places where your partner spends time. This is surprisingly easy because most people don’t consider that they may be being watched. Take a surveillance kit along with you that includes:

  • Binoculars
  • Disguises (simple and realistic wigs, make up and clothing different from what you normally wear)
  • A camera or video recorder with a long range zoom
  • GPS (gives you a broader picture of the area for reference)

As soon as your partner tells you he or she is working late, position yourself outside their job, preferably in a car that your partner won’t recognize. Follow from a couple of car lengths away for optimal coverage. Be prepared to park and leave the car if your partner stops or exits.

This can also work if your partner leaves your home to head out and have an affair. Just make sure you aren’t observed following.

Sometimes it takes time to gather information through these means, but what you want is irrefutable evidence that your partner cannot talk his or her way around. What you want is to be able to catch your partner talking to or spending time with another person and document it.

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