A Cheater is a Liar

What is a lie? Simple answer: something that is not true.

What is a liar? Someone trying to make you believe something that is not true.

People lie all the time, they lie because they cheat, to hide the truth, sometimes because they can’t accept the truth. But in every case, a liar is aware he is lying. He isĀ deliberately presenting a false statement as being true.


I would say there’s 3 major reasons people lie:

  1. They fear what others will think
  2. They don’t think it’s that important
  3. Selfishness

When it comes to cheaters, selfishness is generally the reason. After all the cheating spouse if breaking the trust relationship that has been established in the couple to have an affair. Can’t get more selfish then that!


Trust takes time to build in a relationship. It has deep roots and it’s what keeps a couple together through the years, love and trust need 3 things to grow:

  1. A cheater shows no respect to his spouse when he’s lying and even after telling the truth, time won’t make up for the distrust.
  2. Truth
  3. Time

Spotting lies

Liars make up stories all the time. But having a double life and always hiding the truth makes it difficult to memorize all the little details of every lie. Keep secret notes of suspected stories and ask questions about past events, will the story remain the same?

Red light : somthing is wrong

Once a cheater… I’m sure you heard that before and this is true with liars as well. If you significant other has a tendency to lie for no reasons about anything, he’s become an expert at lying. If you can’t break that habit how will you be able to trust your spouse.
A lot of times when a spouse or a significant other is cheating he or she may begin giving you gifts as a sign of shame and guilt. This often subsides as the affair progresses and as your cheating spouse or significant other becomes more involved with the affair.

Confronting Your Cheating Spouse

Once you understand how to catch a cheater, it is then time to confront the cheater him or herself, depending on the course of action you plan to take. Before you decide to confront the cheating partner in your relationship, it is important to feel secure in any evidence you have and also to feel emotionally stable for any potential outcome that may occur. Speaking with family and friends for moral support can help you with overcoming counselling or even a separation, whichever option you believe is right for you.

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