How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Imagine yourself in this situation for a minute: you leave work at lunch time and decide to go home and surprise your lovely wife with flowers and a take out lunch from that little indian restaurant she loves so much. As you drive home with a big smile on your face you wonder how surprise she’s going to be. You have been together for a while now and passion has left place to a little comfortable routine.

As you approach your house you realize that there’s an other car in the driveway, probably her friend Martha visiting with her newborn baby. But inside the house, no baby, no Martha, but after a moment inside you realize she’s upstairs. As you climb the stairs you start hearing noise coming from the bedroom. You already know what you are going to discover, but you have to see it for yourself, you have to face this situation. You open the door and discover that you wife is a cheater.
If caught in the early stage of the affair, the cheating spouse might not be to emotionally involved in this new relationship. It might not be to late to save your marriage or relationship. But if you let this go, or if you ignore the first signs because you don’t know how to catch a cheating spouse, the damage can be fatal for your union.

It’s a better strategy to keep you suspicions to yourself and start you little investigation first. Don’t waist no time, every minute counts, has the more emotionally she becomes involved in the affair the harder it will be for her to come back.
It might seem a little sneaky to act like this, but believe me, if you think your wife is having an affair or if you are suspicious, confronting her without solid proof won’t help you. She will continue to see the other guy and now that she knows you are suspicious, she will make everything to hide even more her infidelity from you.

Spy on her

It can be seen as a lack of trust into you partner, but if you have serious doubts, you have to verify this. You have to be sure and you can’t live in doubt that you spouse is having an affair. Here’s two solutions that can help you gather the proof you will need to confront your spouse:


You can look for unknown phone numbers or long phone conversations on her cell phone bill, but what about you home phone? Recorders can be a good solution, these devices are able to record discussions that may explain your partner’s change in behavior lately.

Hidden cameras

These devices are getting smaller and less and less expensive lately. Hidden cameras can also be found in teddy bears, books and pens. Needless to say, actions speak louder than words and no doubt about it, a hidden camera is capable of giving you the rock solid evidence you need to finally know the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to become paranoid and always be checking on you spouse to see if she’s cheating. But trust get broken and marriages to. When you find out about an affair in the first stage, your couple has a greater chance of recovering from it. The more intimate and involved your wife becomes in this other relationship the more difficulties your couple will have to survive this.
How long this has been going on?

To find out if your parter has been unfaithful is something, but anyone in this situation can’t help but wonder how long this has bee going on. For more resources on how to save you marriage, visit the link below.

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