I really think my wife is having an affair

What to do if you wife is cheating on you

Photo credit: CocteauBoy

Photo credit: CocteauBoy

You might get suspicious because of a recent change in behavior from your partner. Or maybe she dropped something during your last argument that raised a doubt. So you started your investigation and now you know the truth. You found it even if you did not want to, she is having an affair.

This is really hard to swallow and even if you think that you have seen it coming, it always come as a surprise. You have been loyal and faithful over all these years. You never suspected something like this could happen to you.

Now you have to confront her. Don’t do this right away. First calm down and prepare yourself. Her reaction will be either denial or confession, but if it’s the first time this happens, it will most likely be denial.

Confront her with hard based evidence and explain what you expect from this relationship from now on.

If you think it’s over then it’s over. Don’t let her win you back with some sweet talk or some “It was a mistake, I’ll never do this again”. Your relationship has changed, because she didn’t follow the rules you both agreed on, because she has been unfaithful, your relationship has changed. It is damaged. Can it be saved? Yes but at what price?

If you decide to continue with this partner, you have to approach this a certain way. It will take time but once you get there here’s what you need to do:

  • The past is the past, no more discussions about what happened
  • Setup new rules for this relationship, like it’s just starting
  • Forgive
  • Learn to trust and love again

Easier said than done. But every relationship that deserves to be saved should be saved.


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