Catch a cheater on the web

How to catch a cheating spouse

You’re having doubts on the actions of your partner? You think he or she might be having an affair? Assumptions and doubts are not enough  you need to learn how to catch a cheater.personnal computer

In this digital age, more than 70% of all affairs leave some traces online. You need to give yourself the tools to gather the proof you need to confront the cheater with solid evidence. Snooping into your partner’s email account might sound immoral, but if you are motivated and need to know the truth, it might be your only solution.
To spy on their spouse’s email account people went as far has hiring hackers, but now there are easier and more morally acceptable solutions. You can now even do it all by yourself.

First, check if their password is recorded into the internet browser they use. Simply go the web-based email service they use and see if the user and password are auto-filled by the browser. But if your spouse is cheating on you this will more than likely be blocked.

While you are there, check facebook and other social media platforms.

If you can’t get access to your spouse’s email account, reviewing the browsing history of their last internet session might show many things.

This is pretty simple thing to do and I found a nice and informative video to help you do this.

An other solution would be to invest into some software to spy on your cheating spouse.

Look for software that can:

  • Record Emails
  • Record Chats
  • Monitor Websites
  • Filter Content
  • Keylogger
  • Take Screenshots

Many solutions exist to help you catch a cheater. I hope these solutions will help you.

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