5 Ways to Catch a Cheater

There are few things worse than finding out that a spouse is cheating. This is supposed to have been the person who was going to be with you through the good times and the bad. The feeling of betrayal can be overwhelming and the pain and frustration can take a very long time to heal from. Some people never completely heal from this even if they work out the relationship with the cheating spouse. And if they start a new relationship they may never fully trust their new partner.

There are many ways to find out if there is an act of infidelity going on in your relationship. These 5 ways to catch a cheater may prove to be useful in discovering if the suspicions are true.

One signal to watch for is using any reason to leave the home. The reasons used may be many, things like I don’t like this TV show, supposedly being board when there are plenty of things to do, or starting an argument over nothing. If these things or anything similar are taking place and they end with the spouse leaving the home alone there is probably a need for concern.

Photo credit h3h @ flickr.com

Photo credit h3h @ flickr.com

A second thing that should put up a flag is additional miles being put on the spouse’s auto. Keeping track of an autos mileage is relatively easy and if done for a couple of months it will give a really clear picture about how many miles are actually being put on against how many miles are really needed for normal driving.

The third thing to watch for is how much money they have or better yet how much they do not. If the spouse has recently started to always be low on funds there has to be a reason why. Further investigating into this matter could show some light on whether or not they are cheating.
A fourth thing to watch for is an increase in hours at work. If the spouse does not usually make it a habit of staying later at work and then there is a sudden change in the supposed work attitude. There may be a cause for concern. This is especially true if they come home at the end of their shift smelling different than what they have in the past.

The fifth sign to watch for is an over protective attitude over their electronic gadgets. If their cell phones and computer usage increases along with their secret reasons and defensive reactions for why there has been an increase in usage there may be something going on.

If using these 5 ways to catch a cheater always be sure that there isn’t more being read into the action of the spouse, sometimes there really are just coincidences involved in certain situations. However if there is a spouse that is cheating it is best to find for certain and to not blame yourself for the choices that the spouse is making.

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